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We are open to guest blog writers on this blog site. When you have already seen our blog, you will see we are in the travel niche and we value related fresh contents posted in our blog. You may give us a call in case you have a website whose niche is the same as ours. We can have your contents posted in our blog and achieved your targeted audience.

We are accepting guest post’s for the following topics


Bed and breakfasts


Travel (general or country specific such as USA and Canada)




Outdoor hobbies and adventure

Tourist attractions and tourism

Car hire

Airport Parking


There are plenty of methods in advertising ones site and guest blogging is one. The website you are operating can have an extra exposure if you publish excellent contents on different blogs out there. The owner of your blog post where you posted your content can have his audience visit your website, resulting for more traffic. There’s another source of traffic, that’s by posting the content in the social network sites. The links you have in the guest posting will have a direct effect in the eyes of the search engine such as google. It will help you rank higher in the search result page, thus, boosting your source of organic traffic. Your website’s theme of contents must be the same to the contents you posted as blog. If the niche of your website is in the travel niche, then publish content as guest blogger on the same niche as yours. You wouldn’t like to get a guest blog on a real estate blog for instance as this isn’t related to your website and looks strange to the search engines. You also want to submit content to our site that has photos and maybe even relevant video content. The great content you have submitted will have a beneficial impact in the eyes of google, resulting to a productive effort.


You can write for us as a guest writer or you may hire somebody or other capable writer to write the content in line with the standards you set then post the contents in our site. You can get quality contents that are sensibly priced from online writing services such as I Need Articles.


You can contribute to our blog now by completing our contact form and inquiring our guest blogging guidelines. Please do not submit content to us unless you know it is nice quality and a minimum of 750 words long. Our platform can feature guest author, if you want to be featured, just inform us.v