4 New Zealand’s Must-Do Experiences

If you want to visit a country that excites your imagination, then New Zealand is the best place for you. It is considered as a land of mystery and enchanting views. From hiking, swimming, surfing, to eating, this place surely has all the activities for you. Process your ETA New Zealand now and enjoy these four New Zealand’s must-do experiences:

Sail In The Bay Of Islands

Sailing in the Bay of Islands allows you to see the beautiful and vibrant environment of the place. You can have the best sights of some of the deserted islands, breathtaking beaches, and other islets in the country. Witnessing dolphins, penguins, and other marine animals are also common in the area. You can kayak or hire a boat to get the best experience. 

Volcanic Island Is Worth Climbing!

One of the most popular yet the youngest volcano is Rangitoto Volcanic Island. It erupted 600 years ago and is known for being inactive since then. This island is worth climbing as the scenic reserve surrounding the area is worthy to see. It has a thriving birdlife and various tree species that can only be found in New Zealand. 

Go And See The Country’s Exhibit.

There are lots of gems to see in New Zealand’s favorite exhibit. One of which is the colossal squid display known as the 480 kilograms species that were caught in the Antarctic Ocean year 2007. Surprisingly, it is the only one in the entire globe. This fact can be seen in Wellington’s Te Papa Museum along with the other iconic artifacts, paintings, and specimens of the country. 

Experience The Māori Culture

Whenever you are visiting a country, another must-do experience is to immerse first-hand in their culture. In this case, the Māori Culture, one of the oldest in the country. 

You can either visit their village, witness how they let Hakka power works, or have greenstone carved. Either way, processing your ETA New Zealand will take your travel experience to a higher level. Put this place into your bucket list, and you surely won’t regret it.