Canada eTA: What You Need to Know Before You Get One

Many countries have started utilizing technology to boost tourism efforts and make it much easier to visit them. One of those countries is Canada, who have introduced the eTA system or Electronic Travel Authorization for quicker and easier documentation for travelers. Here are some vital bits of information that can help you in planning your trip to the world’s second largest country.


What is an eTA?

An Electronic Travel Authorization is a document that is required from visa-exempt foreign nationals whenever they plan to visit Canada by air. This document will be linked to the applicant’s passport, with a five-year validity or up until the said passport expires. Once you get your eTA, you can visit Canada as many times as you can in coordination with the validity and only for short stays for a maximum of six months. You should take note though, that eTAs are not guaranteeing entry. Border Services officials will still look into your documents to check your eligibility.


Who is Required to Apply for an eTA?

Lawful permanent residents of the United States of America necessitate an eTA to fly to or pass through a Canadian airport. Their green card and valid passports are needed, too. Citizens of other visa-exempt countries like Germany, France, Greece, Korea, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia, are required to apply for an eTA for their flights as well.


How Do I Apply?

All applications are completed online. Prepare to provide personal information as well as details of your passport. You need to pay for the process as well, so you should have a debit or credit card handy. Make sure to provide an active email address as most applicants will receive the decision a few minutes after submitting their application. Sometimes, support documents are required, and the process will take a few days. Be careful to input the correct passport number to avoid errors in your application.


What to Do Upon Arrival in Canada?

You should prepare yourself for an identity check, where you have to input biometrics at inspection kiosks. Your information in your eTA and passport will be verified if matching. A Border Services official will also check your travel documents so you should make sure to have them ready.

By diligently following the process, there will be nothing that can hinder your trip to this beautiful country. Start your application now, for an incredible adventure awaits!


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