5 Beautiful Places to Visit in New Zealand

If you have the desire to see breathtaking spots in New Zealand, make the necessary preparation. You also need a permit to enter the country. To avoid delays, the quickest way to process your NZ visa is by applying online.

Moving forward, planning your trip to New Zealand can be made easy by reading this post as it will talk about the five beautiful places that most tourists get attracted to, and there’s a guarantee that you’ll enjoy your stay in the country.

Now, here are the top-rated tourist destinations in NZ that must be on your list:

Fiordland National Park

The Fiordland National Park, a world heritage spot, showcases astonishing fiords. To make your journey more challenging, but fulfilling, try visiting the Doubtful Sound. You need a boat for the trip, and then you’ll ride a bus to get to the quiet fiord.  Though it’s not an easy inlet to access, you’ll wish to stay overnight in this place because of its exquisiteness.

Tongariro National Park

Want to know the oldest park in New Zealand? It’s the Tongariro National Park. Recognized by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), it’s the 6th national park on the planet with different natural and cultural ideals.

Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers

If you’re excited to visit the glaciers, the most accessible spots are Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers. Interestingly, the Fox Glacier is more massive than and not as steep as the Franz Josef Glacier, making it less congested. They are located at the West Coast of the South Island in New Zealand. You will have the convenience in visiting these places because the area offers a great list of accommodations, amenities, and activities that would catch the interest of your family.

Coromandel Peninsula

If you want to visit a native forest, away from the city’s hustle and bustle, the Coromandel Peninsula offers several settings for birding and hiking. It’s situated in the northern part of New Zealand. It’s famous for having pristine beaches. This is a must-visit tourist spot to give your family a relaxed vibe.

Queenstown, the NZ’s Adventure Capital

Last but not least, don’t forget to explore Queenstown. Its outstanding scenery is awe-inspiring.  With lots of accommodations to provide you with comfort, Queenstown offers an extensive list of activities and attractions. Also, it’s an excellent destination for rejuvenation. Your family will enjoy scenic bike rides across the area. It’s an ideal place to spend your holiday with your loved ones.