Top 4 Music Events In The U.S. You Shouldn’t Miss

When visiting the United States, your itinerary is never complete without road trips and music festivals. Use your usa visa to the full extent and try attending the best, most sought after music events.


SXSW In Austin, Texas

A festival that’s been popular since 1987, SXSW is still one of the most popular festivals up to date. The festival lasts for ten days! Imagine the endless music and party scene, as well as the activities in store for you. SXSW is number one on the list of events you should attend when in Texas and witness more than two thousand performances, movies, panels, and programs.

The usual schedule of the festival: March 9-18


Coachella In California

Coachella is so famous and well known, even artists from countries aside from the U.S. clear their schedules to attend the event and have fun. Performances range from having the year’s top charters to Indie music, and even EDM. This event happens at the Empire Polo Club, which boasts a very relaxing desert aura and is always a two-weekend event. Expect to see your favorite musicians, singers, and movie stars while you’re there.

Usual schedule of festival: April 13-15, April 20-22

New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival In New Orleans

Since 1970, The New Orleans Jazz Festival has been one of the biggest, most popular, and most sought after events because of the vibrant music, endless fun, and the artists who take part in celebrating the said festival. Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Van Morrison, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are of the few big names to participate in the Jazz and Heritage Festival.

The usual schedule of the festival: April 27- May 6


Moogfest In Durham, North Carolina

All credits for this event goes to Bob Moog, the engineer, and inventor that allowed musicians to use electronic synthesizers, as well as reshape modern music most people listen to nowadays. Thanks to his invention and innovation, the place where this festival happens still bear his name, and performers do their best to give out better music and experimental sounds for the audience.

The usual schedule of the festival: May 17-20

Enjoy all the music events the U.S has to offer with your usa visa.