Why You Should Apply for an Oman Visa in 2019

An Oman visa is needed to enter the Sultanate of Oman, but since the inception of its e-visa system, acquiring one is now easier than ever. Oman is home to a delicate balance of nature and architecture, with one of the kinder peoples to boot. This article reflects why you should apply for an Oman visa, or in shorter words, reasons to visit Oman.


Safe and Secure

One can wander freely at night through the Omani cityscape with no risk of robbery or kidnapping. Petty crimes are nearly unheard of, and the friendliness and generosity by the locals provide a welcoming atmosphere for every tourist.

Keep in mind though that even though it is safe, there is still a need to take the necessary precautions, because you can never be too safe.


Friendliness and Hospitality

Few nationalities would compare to the warm welcome Omani locals provide. Their tour guides are some of the most hospitable people you will encounter, diligently bringing tourists from hangout to hangout. Omanis go out of their way to make sure tourists are safe and well, making for a delightful experience.


There are Aquatic Things To Do, Too

Oman is not only mountains, canyons, and dunes; the Sultanate has a beautiful coastline as well. There are a whole host of aquatic pastimes to do in Oman, such as whale and dolphin watching and cliff diving. There are also wadis, seasonal river channels forming in arid places.

Oh, and there’s also a massive sinkhole turned into a pool, where you can wade in. Pretty cool, right?


Experience A New Side of Muslim Culture

Omani locals adhere to Ibadism, a branch of Muslim dominant in Oman and some East African countries. Men and women dress and pray differently than other Muslim sects. Men dress in collarless ankle-length robes, while women wear trousers and dresses. Both sport headdresses with colorful patterns and embroideries.

These little things, such as wearing their garments or pieces of jewelry, complete the Oman experience.

There are countless things to experience in Oman. Few places in the world seamlessly combine nature, architecture, and people. There are several hidden gems in this country, and an Oman visa will take you to one of the most beautiful places in the world.


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